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Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education & Research

Why Choose Delineation Training From IWEER?

  • Taught by instructors who are experts in the local vegetation and soil properties.
  • More than half the training time is spent in the field - emphasis on hands-on application of methods.
  • No in-class time spent on taking exam.
  • Examination online offers additional opportunity for learning & reaffirms what was taught during the course.
  • Taught when most vegetation is readily identifiable
  • Lectures are not read from the manual - participants are expected to read the manual themselves. Lectures interpret the manual and provide additional background information.
  • Handouts include textbook on wetland identification and delineation used at major colleges and throughout the country. Handouts include the Corps Manual, and hydric soils field indicators, regional plant indicators lists.
  • Many instructors are regional and national authorities on wetlands, with special emphasis on wetland delineation and hydric soils.
  • The course includes discussion of both federal and state wetland delineation methods.
  • All the instructors have practical experience in the courses they teach, plus most are teaching or have taught university courses as well.